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Monday, June 22, 2009

Finally, the day of revival camp! Seriously, hope that I'll be focus. I'm not bringing my homework there, so I can imagine that I'll be real busy choinging homework after the camp. Well...It doesn't matter, what it matters most, is I can know God more and what is the future direction that He has planned for me. I really really wanna know. Maybe after I know the answer, I'll work harder? I hope so. But I know for sure, I'll have more confident towards my life. Looking forward for it~^-^

8:52 AM

Friday, May 29, 2009

Do you know what's the meaning of video/drama freak? It means no matter how busy you should be, there will always a time for videos, dramas, movies and variety shows. HAHA. Love it to the core man.

Recently, went to watch two dramas. One from Korea and another one from Taiwan. My comments : Nice and hilarious. If you are emotionally down or miserable now, maybe you can try watching it. Trust me, it will put a smile on your face. Oh no, should I say a laugh instead. Especially the Korean drama. Just a thought of the plot, I am already smiling.

So, let me start introducing.

City Hall (市政厅)
It is about the government politics in Korea. It shows it in a pretty exaggerating way and it is kind of trying to insult the current government.
Acted by: 金善雅 (我的名字叫金三顺)车承元 (模特儿兼大长今前男友,身高188公分哦)
Acting skills: Both 4/5,very natural lor.
Comments: I love good actors and actresses. Can drag me into the drama. It has a pretty good rating in Korea. I think partly because the female lead is just too funny.
By the way, she is much slimmer now. I love the figure of the male lead, slim and tall. Just by looking at his long legs, I am about to drool lor. Skinny jeans will definitely fit his legs perfectly. On my point of view, he is definitely under the category of Charisma, because he does not have the girly handsome face that I love. Hehe. Korea-freak buddies Must Watch It alright! When you are free lah. You all will like it.

My Queen (败犬女王)
A love story between a career woman with a strong character, and a guy who is always working as a part timer, whom is younger than her by 8 years old.
Acted by:
Acting Skills: Male-3/5 Female-3.75/5 (she's good man)
Comments: The female lead seriously looks like Sammi sia. Love her nose. The plot is kind of like 魔女幼熙,but much better. The chemistry between the two leads are pretty good. Can see that the female lead is leading the male lead in acting. And heard that the rating of it in Taiwan is really good. Can see why.

Alright, have to go. Dating my lovely shu qin. ^^

1:50 PM

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello. Haven't been talking to you. I really should have blog or write more frequently, so I will really understand what are the things that are happening around me, and how am I really taking it or feeling it. Writing makes me think. However, I am always lazy. Ha.

I think I have made some people worried. I actually broke down in tears on Sunday. I am sorry. I should have control myself. I really hate tearing in front of people, it makes me feel like shit. It shows how weak I am. Again, pride. But that day, I can't help it, my emotion was filling up, it was trying to burst out. And it made me realised one thing, I am not taking the fact well. I thought I was prepared. Maybe that was the way God wanted to show me my real feeling. But I am pretty alright now compared to then. To be honest, still feeling a bit shitty here and there. My assignments are piling up. My thoughts are messy. I am not getting a good sleep. Physically I am tired. And, I am trying to depend on myself again. However, I know what I really need is God's comfort and strength. I am afraid. Afraid that I will physically give up. There is always a voice saying, "Mei Foong you can't alright~You will pull through it." I want to believe that.

One reason why I like DBSK is because they are hardworking people, with determination and seriousness in what they want to achieve and become. I am motivated everytime I watched their performance. This time round, no exceptional.

Determination, that's what I need too.

Bigeast 3rd Fanclub Event-Bolero live

9:09 PM

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today is an enjoyable day! HOHO~Accompany YE to driving center, she went to register for driving theory test. Soon we are gonna buy a car and she MUST drive me to and from work. HAHA. Anyway, went to Bugis after that. Ate a lot of food. Really nice. Then, went to the new mall, if I'm not wrong it's call illuma? Went to the acade and played this thing call 抓抓乐.

This 抓抓乐 is full of ice creams. There is Ben & Jerry's!
This is not the first time we play this. And, we always fail.
Well...not this time!
We made it! YAY man~^^\/ We were stunned at the moment we got it, and we can't stop laughing after that. YE laughed really hard. It's nice, by the way.

Then, went to watch a movie. We were so call gana cheated, actually to be exact, I'm cheated by YE. She told me that due to the new opening of the mall, Filmgarde (cinema's name) was having promotion, 6 bucks all days. Which in the end turns out to be 9.50 bucks. Promotion ended. But thank goodness, the movie was nice and funny.

The movie we watched, 17 again!
We were dio sot by Zac Efron (The guy in the poster). He is so handsome inside the movie, we like him wearing the skinny jeans. Well build body. It makes me wanna go on diet more!

Alright, that's all for the day. Although did spend quite a sum of money. But, remember? School is reopening soon. Will have to spend more time on work than on shopping. Goodbye~Holidays.

Ended with our pretty faces again. >-<

9:21 PM

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well...The birthday present is not for me, and to be exact, it is from shu qin, li kuan and me. I was so excited when i tried and bought the present.

Birthday Present Owner: Chee Wai Yee
Birthday: 18/3/1989
Age: 20 years old (what an old lady~)
Present to be reveal: Colonize Jacket

Let's do an introduction of this brand "Colonize". Seriously, a brand worn by A LOT of korean celebrities. Evidence:

Seung Ri and Dae Sung from famous korean group, Big Bang.


It has got quite a number of designs:

And we bought this

She was so excited and was grinning crazily. Evidence again:

Auntie!!! Why you tell her!!!??? We still try our best not to let YE finds out sia, wanna give her surprise mah. Haiz... But I'm still glad la, because she really likes the jacket. Please lah. Who choose one?
Is LIM BEI okay~Ok la, shu qin and li kuan did give some comments too.

Alright. Ended with our BEAUTIFUL faces.

10:32 PM

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Okay! I'm officially on vacation now~ Congrats!!! Yesterday went back to school for assignments, then went movie with shu qin. Movie I watched.

Not a bad movie after all. I think it's kind of sweet actually. Definitely a movie for Girls. Did tears a bit at the back when Kate Hudson recall back about her friendship with Anne Hathaway.
They are both beautiful.

After it, I reached home at around 10 something. Went to MSN as usual, then wai yee told me that she was photoshopping me as Ijimae. Free right, thought she got tons of assignments and tests ongoing? Anyway, I think it will be really hilarious, with Ijimae pasting my face on it. She asked me questions about photoshop, I opened my photpshop and in the end I didn't answer her questions and went to photoshop as well. Pretty fun. But, the products are kind of weird.
Just kind of curious how will they look like when they are guys.

Li Kuan

Xiao Ling
Wai Yee ( most weird one)

Sorry buddies. I think I should really go on a mountain trip to train on my photoshop skill. Hopefully, next time will be better.

Oh. These are the photos I used.
Actually Wai Yee's smile here is pretty charming.

12:51 PM

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Have been sick since yesterday. Having slight fever and headache, and had went to see doctor with wai yee this morning. Sway sia, sick at this 'full of assignments' week. Tomorrow still got test lei. Haven study yet, lazy man, haha. Yesterday super a lot of people sick, I was shocked when I received the pass down messages. For what I know, there are total of 5 people sick. Haiz. Take care lei everyone, don't eat so much new year goodies like me (o-o). Anyway, I'm feeling happier and happier, because after this busy week, I'll having my 2 months holidays~

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